Monday, August 15, 2011

Surgery is scheduled...

We finally got confirmation from Boston Children's today that McKenna will be having her hand surgery on Monday, October 10 (Columbus Day).  We will be going in for her pre-op appointment on Sept. 30th to make sure that her bloodwork and everything else looks ok for surgery.  We will be checking in at Children's on Sunday, Oct. 9, and hope that she will be discharged on Tuesday, the 11th.
After getting clearance for the surgery at her last appointment, we were hoping that the surgery might be sooner than this, but it is a four-hour surgery, and the long time blocks for September were full already.  So, October it is.  The most disappointing aspect of this (aside from just wanting it to be over!) is that it means McKenna will stay on her injections for 55 more days.  Sigh.  That's 110 more injections, for anyone who needs help with math.  That's a lot and it makes me really sad.  I just really want to be done with that- she will have been on the Lovenox injections for about 8 months by the time she has her surgery, which will have been over half of her little life.  But, we have prayed that her surgery date would be in God's timing, and so I have to trust that October is the right time for it to happen.  Perhaps her arteries need a few more weeks to get stronger, and if that's the case, then of course waiting is the best plan.
We are thankful that her cardiology team and plastic surgery team will be working so closely together and it gives us great peace and confidence knowing that her whole team is in the same place.  And now I have 55 days to figure out how to dress a baby who will have an arm in a cast for a month in cold weather!  I have a feeling she will have some one-armed shirts before this is all over... 

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