Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why we love Daddy...

One day this week, Brett decided it was time for a wagon ride in McKenna's new red wagon.  It was late afternoon on a cloudy day.  I glanced outside and said, "Its raining."  I assumed he hadn't realized this.  Brett looked out the window and said, "Yeah, it is."  Then he walked into the other room.  I assumed he was going to find something else for McKenna to do.  Instead, he returned with two raincoats.  And a white plastic garbage bag.

Hey mama, what is daddy doing?

Mama, its wet out here!  And dada is tucking a garbage bag around my legs! This is funny!

Mama, I love my wagon!

What now, dada?

Mama, come play with us!

Where is this water coming from?

Huh, that's interesting....

Hee hee.  I like wagon rides in the rain.

Off we go!

 And that's why we love dada.

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