Saturday, October 8, 2011


               McKenna's new favorite game is to drop things and then say, "Uh-Oh...."  Its adorable.  Even when she does it during church, like she did last Sunday. Its slightly less adorable when she does it instead of taking her afternoon nap, which has apparently decided she no longer needs.  She hasn't taken an afternoon nap all week.  I'm pretty sure she might never again.  Its very sad.  For me.  Since her morning nap is usually about an hour.  Which is not a very long time for me to accomplish everything that needs to get done in a day.  Sigh....  Anyway, I digress.
               So, I am used to hearing her "Uh-Oh"-ing through the monitor when she is in her crib, during her afternoon non-nap.  She throws her loveys and her binky, says "Uh-Oh" after each one, and then eventually cries when she realizes she doesn't have them anymore and no one has come to give them back.  She always falls asleep with her loveys and her binky.  I tried not going in, but then she just cries, and no nap happens.  So then I tried going in, replacing the thrown items, and sternly saying, "No uh-oh," and walking back out of the room.  She then played the game again, on repeat, so again, no nap.  No good solution to this little problem.  Except just not even bothering with putting her down for the afternoon nap, which was today's strategy.  Seemed to work fairly well.
              Tonight, when we put her to bed at 7:30, we heard a few uh-ohs over the monitor.  But she quieted down quickly and went to sleep, so we didn't worry about it.  A while later, Brett went in to check on her, and came back out laughing and telling me that I had to come see.

Tonight's "Uh-Oh" Casualties

She threw out both of her loveys, her lovey bunny, the blanket that we put on her when its cold, the bears and bunnies that sit in the corners of the crib to protect her head from getting banged, the towel that we temporarily had put against the far wall of the crib to stop her from slamming her head into it, and even her glowy seahorse!  Lol.  Every single thing that is in her crib was on the floor.

But she is a smart girl, and a quick learner.  This time, she kept the binky.                          

 Sleep tight, silly baby.


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  1. Love those cute jammies, and that sweet girl!
    - Keri